Why Should You Add Bulgaria to Your 2018 Travel List?

When deciding the best travel destination for your next vacation, you may have listed down a number of beautiful places. But, once you read this article about Bulgaria, you will find this destination to be inevitably on the top of your list. Along with giving you world-class vacation experience, the whole trip to Bulgaria will suit your pocket too and fit in the budget. Apart from the capital city Sofia Bulgaria, just look at these top places. You will find the reasons to be compelling enough to add Bulgaria to your 2018 travel list.  

Northern Black Sea Coast for an Adventurous Trip

The most relaxing, peaceful, and less crowded area Northern Black Sea Coast is the best place to enjoy coastal caves, endless sunflowers, eye-stirring sunsets, and more. Southern sea coast is extremely crowded, so you can enjoy sea kayaking. Northern sea coast can add more adventure to your trip and make it unforgettable.  

Rhodope Mountains for Avid Trekkers

Do you love trekking? If your answer is affirmative, then you will love this place. Exploring its amazing views with a bike is something you cannot experience anywhere else. Rhodope Mountains are simply outstanding.

Asen’s Fortress for Nature Lovers

In the Rhodope Mountains, this fortress is located on a high rocky ridge. Its scenic view gathers a lot of attention. Here, Bachkovo Monastery is worth watching. This place is famous for its traditions and cozy hospitality.

Experience the Spine-Chilling Adventure in Karadjov Kamak

Situated on Rhodope Mountains, this rocky area is perfect for hiking and takes almost 40 minutes. If you want some adventure, then you can climb the rocks from a wooden ladder, which is somewhat dangerous but gives you a different perspective to experience. Try this only if you are experienced and perfect. Otherwise, it is better to skip it.  

Cape Emine for Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Cape Emine in Bulgaria will steal your heart and is a must-visit place. But, it is not easy to reach here. However, if you manage to visit, the view of mountains meeting the sea is out of the world and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Fascination at its Peak at Veleka Beach

You can experience another beauty of nature at Veleka Beach, where the connection of River Veleka and sea will automatically pull you towards its fascination. The relaxing river and calm environment are all you need to have quality time.  

Relax at Velingrad

This place is famous as a spa capital. The 77 mineral springs hold miraculous healing capacity to make you feel relaxed and comfortable. You will notice a mineral water pool here, which has wonderful medical and healing properties. Once you visit it, this unique place will become your all-time favorite.

Apart from these, there are many more places and reasons that can convince you to mark Bulgaria as the top destination for a vacation. Whichever place you visit in Bulgaria, you can find good vacation rentals where you can feel at home. Plan your next holiday here and you are sure to come back for more.

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